Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The final Squirrel / rabbit hunt will be Saturday February 25, 2017

The final squirrel and rabbit hunts of the season with take place Saturday February 25th. There will be two squirrel hunts. Both will be two person team events.
Team squirrel under the point scoring method.
Please read the 

Revised Gray Squirrel Hunt Rules and general information using a point scoring system published here on January 7, 2017

Team squirrel by weight, with lunker squirrel
The rabbit hunt will be an individual event by weight with lunker rabbit.
Please read the

Gray squirrel and rabbit hunt rules and general information published here on February 2, 2017 

You will need to choose which one of the squirrel events your team is entering when you sign up. It cannot be both.

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