Monday, October 14, 2013

The summer time Youth shooting program

The third summer of the Wednesday evening youth shooting program ended. We had 12 participants who all had the opportunity to shoot trap, 22 rimfire rifle and a center fire rifle if they chose to.
This year we added the NRA Hunter Marksmanship qualification program, so there were two NRA categories that the youngsters could qualify for.
Here are the results of those shoots:

Light Rifle:
Mason Thompson earned his Expert patch
Nick Shaffer and Peter Roloson  earned their Marksman 1st Class patch

Luke Allan and  Chris Scarrott earned their Pro-Marksman, Marksman, Marksman 1st Class and their Sharpshooter patches.
Danielle Riegel and Jake McGhan earned their Pro-Marksman patch.

The shoots always ended with some fun shooting. Here is a quick description of those shoots.

Drag racing: One on one. The person that shoots their rubber ball first across the finish line wins.

Soccer:  Two teams of two shooters try to shoot their rubber ball into the goal before running out of ammo and before the other team. This required some strategy as shooters can play defense.

Wooden pegs: Everyone shoots at the numerous wooden pegs until none are left or you are out of ammo. Pieces of wood flying everywhere.

The T :  Everyone shoots at a wooden T  that is weighted with water jugs one shooter at a time until the wood is shot up enough and that the weight of the water jugs cause it to snap and fall down.

Water jugs:  Everyone blasts away at the water filled plastic jugs until none are left.

If you were there I am sure you had an explosively good time.

Thanks to all the adults who showed up and helped . Tom Grasek

OCTOBER 27th is the Turkey shoot.  There will be a youth .22 rifle shoot free and we supply the ammo. So bring your children down and shoot.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

DEC Announces Changes to September Canada Goose Hunting Seasons

DEC Announces Changes to September Canada Goose Hunting Seasons

Special Measures Adopted to Address Overabundant Goose Populations Statewide

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens today announced several significant changes to September Canada goose hunting seasons throughout the state. The season dates are similar to past years, but higher bag limits and other special measures will be allowed this year because local-nesting (a.k.a. "resident") Canada goose populations remain too high in many areas. The updated regulations are now posted on the DEC website.
"When DEC established the September goose hunting season in the early 1990s, New York's resident Canada goose population was estimated to be around 130,000 birds, but today we have more than 200,000 birds," Commissioner Martens said. "New York waterfowl hunters annually take more than 50,000 Canada geese during the September season, and we hope the changes adopted this year will enable hunters to take even more to help reduce the population."

DEC's management efforts are working toward a reduction in the population to eventually hit approximately 85,000 birds to alleviate the variety of problems they are causing in urban, suburban and rural areas.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New EMBROIDERED K-Town apparel -- limited time!

Need a new K-Town coat or maybe a sweat shirt or golf shirt ?

 We are taking orders now.  The new K-Town swag features brand new EMBROIDERED emblems, as depicted below.  Please  Eric to place a order 315-730-2257

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Youth Shooting program starts this Wednesday June 26

The youth shooting program will start this Wednesday June 26th at 6 PM at the club range. It is open to all youths under the age of 18 and it is requested that they be accompanied by an adult. We will be once again be offering NRA qualification shoots in the Light Rifle category. Also due to a shortage of .22 rim fire ammunition it is requested that you bring your own ammo for the qualifying shoots approximately 40 rounds. The club will have a limited supply of 22 rim fire ammo for the Top Gun and the fun shoot. See you there.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Need a new K-Town coat or maybe a sweat shirt or golf shirt . We are taking orders now please come in friday night and place your order so we can get the order taken care of at the next meeting. Cant make it friday call Eric to place a order 315-730-2257

Thanks Eric


Atention all members the fathers day raffle is on and as usual the prizes are great.
1ST stainless gas grill 10 rib eye 10 t-bone 10 strip steak 10lbs burger patties

2CND smoker and a turkey

3RD $50.00
We need to sell tickets so please come to the club and get tickets to sell they must be sold by the June meeting.
We will be open this friday 5/17 at 6pm so you can come in and get tickets or contact Bob Stuck at       315-283-6089 to get your tickets.
We need your help so please come in and buy a ticket even if you cant sell any.

Thanks Eric

Saturday, April 13, 2013


As mentioned in previous posts Kuneytown Sportsmens club has decided to start a Top Gun shooting program similar to the one already being awarded to the Youth Top Gun each year. The leader board has been set up inside the range shed. Also inside the shed are the official targets along with the general rules and the specific rules for each shooting category.There are eight categories. They are:
.22 rimfire rifle, .22 rimfire pistol, center fire rifle, center fire pistol, rapid fire pistol, muzzle loader rifle, shotgun slug and 250 yard bench rest rifle.
The General rules are:
  No entry fee.  Only club members. Using the official club targets, supplied by the club.
Highest score wins, ties will require a shoot off.
There is no limit to the amount of times you shoot, they may be done anytime during the calendar year. A witness to the score is helpful but not required. (we believe that all members are honest) The timed shoots will require another person to be the time keeper.
Any sighting devices are allowed except those that project an image onto the target. (No laser sites).
The TOP GUN leader board is inside the range shed, if you shoot a higher score than what is posted put your target over it as the new leader.
Persons who are determined to be the TOP GUN in each category at the end of the year will have their name placed on that year's TOP GUN certificate and it will be displayed in the range shed for years to come.
  So lets get out there and shoot. Who knows you could be one of the First Kuneytown TOP GUNS.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Seneca Falls DU Chapter & Kuneytown YOUTH DAY

Ducks Unlimited 
2013 Wood Duck Youth Event

Sponsored by Seneca Falls Ducks Unlimited, 
Kuneytown Sportsmen's Club and Seneca Meadows Inc.

When- Sunday March 10th from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Where- Kuneytown Sportsmen's Club 3735 Hoster Road Seneca Falls NY
What- We will be building a limited number of Wood Duck nesting boxes. Materials will be provided. We need youth from 2 to 16 years old, and adults, to help build the boxes. Lunch will be provided.

Saturday March 16th 10:00 AM
Seneca Meadows Wildlife Management Area, Black Brook Road
We will put up some of the new Wood Duck nesting boxes, tour the facility and visit the nesting boxes that were put up last year and review the results with Management area personnel. 

You must confirm before March 8th as space is limited. 

Contact: Mike Ernst @ 315-568-6710 or 585-703-4949
or Eric Reigel @ 315-549-7123

Monday, February 25, 2013

Kuneytown and Seneca Falls DU Chapter partner with DEC, USFWS to band and release ducks

Kuneytown members, members of the Seneca Falls Ducks Unlimited chapter,and many more volunteers participated in a duck banding program this past Saturday. The Dept of Interior Fish and Wildlife Service, NYS DEC and Montezuma and DU biologists did a great job involving everyone and educating us on the process that is so important to the data collection that is needed to monitor the health and population of the ducks. Thanks to everyone that participated!  If I failed to mention anyone, I apologize.  Here a few pictures --  more to come soon.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Results from the February 24th Squirrel / Rabbit Derby

The third and final squirrel/rabbit hunt of the year is in the books. 26 people entered the squirrel part and 15 entered the lunker rabbit. 17 people weighted in 77 squirrels with 10 of them getting their limit. Six  people weighted in 13 rabbits. Here are the winners:
Heaviest bag   1st Place    Jason  Cecce        6 squirrels 8.73 pounds
                     2nd Place   Shane  Lonkosky  6 squirrels  8.49 pounds
                     3rd  Place   Ron Darling         6 squirrels  8.41 pounds
Lunker squirrel  Jason  Cecce   1.70 pounds
Lunker Rabbit   Fred Stewart    3.33 pounds

The club provided chili and squirrel stew. Congratulations to all this years winners and thanks again to all those who entered see you next year.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Lobby Day and Rally

This trip is possible due to the collaborative efforts of the Seneca County Federation of Sportsmens Clubs Inc. and the Waterloo Rifle and Pistol Club.

February 28, 2013 bus trip to Albany

Pro 2nd Amendment Rally sponsored by New York State Rifle and Pistol Association

Cost per person is $29 If you pay $30 and don't request change $1 dollar will be donated to NYSRPA
legal defense fund to fight the newly enacted gun law.

The bus, Onondaga Coach will meet the group at the Petro truck center, Rt.414 by the thruway.

We will meet in the southwest corner of the parking lot near Magee's diner.

Boarding onto the bus will be at 5:45am.

The bus will leave at 6:00 am sharp. The bus will NOT wait, don't be late.

There is no smoking allowed on the bus.

There is a restroom on the bus.

We will arrive at the state capital approximately 3 hours later.

We will walk from the bus to the well at the legislative office building.

You will have to walk thru a security check point to enter the well.

There will be speakers beginning at 10:30am.

Do NOT bring a firearm, pocket knife, it will be taken .

Do not wear camo clothing. The media will single you out.

NRA, SCOPE or other 2nd amendment attire is definitely endorsed.

Always be polite and respectful in Albany, as gun owners we are scrutinized under a microscope.

It does not help our cause to make statements we may regret later.

We have to do our own public relations work as well advocate for our 2nd amendment rights.
We will be stopping along the way home for something to eat.

We will meet back at the bus at 2:30pm.
The bus will leave at 2:45pm sharp, please don't be late.

Any questions about the trip please feel free to call me;
Dieter Kraemer President Seneca County Federation of Sportsmens Clubs Inc.
607-857-4005 or Barb Wells 315-585-6959 or 315-224-3187

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Youth Top Gun

        When the club started the youth shooting program two years ago it was decided that there would be a youth TOP GUN  title. The title is awarded each year to the youth shooter with the highest score for the year. The 2011 TOP GUN was Brad Sandroni and Luke Allen is the 2012 TOP GUN.   

       In order to qualify, the shooter needs to be no older than 17 years of age at the time they shoot.
There are Kuneytown Sportsmens Club Official .22 caliber rim fire rifle Youth Shoot Targets in the range shed.
Shooting is six shots off hand at 50 feet and six shots any position ( sitting, kneeling, prone, or bench rest) at 50 yards.  Once the target is shot  it gets posted on the Youth Shoot Top Gun leader board located in the range shed. If someone scores higher than the target posted, the higher score gets placed over that target and becomes the new leader. At the end of the year whoever has the highest score is named the Youth Top Gun. That person is given a laminated certificate with their actual target on the back while another laminated certificate is on display inside the range shed for years to come.
These shoots can be done at any time during the year but do require a club member to be present. So take a youth shooting at the club range. They could be the 2013 YOUTH TOP GUN.

How about we start a Kuneytown Sportsmens Club TOP GUN open to all members in say .22 rimfire rifle and pistol for starters? If  interested leave a yes comment on this post.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Reminder- rules and regulations

At the most recent Board of Directors meeting, it was agreed that the membership of Kuneytown Sportsmen’s Club should be reminded of rules and regulations for members, specifically the following, from the Club By-Laws:

Any member whose conduct shall in the opinion of the Board of Directors of the club be considered detrimental to the welfare of the association may be expelled from membership by vote of 2/3 of the certificate members in good standing after due notice to such member(s) and the giving to him/her of an opportunity to be heard.

Thank you for your continued support, patronage, and membership of Kuneytown Sportsmen’s Club.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Results from the January 19th 2013 Squirrel Derby

The first squirrel derby of 2013 was a record breaker. We had 42 people, including seven youths signed up, which is the most ever. 101 squirrels were  weighed in, which is also the most ever. 12 people got their limit of six squirrels. 21 people weighed in squirrels. The winners were:
Heaviest bag   1st place    Chris Brand 6 squirrels 8.66 pounds
                        2nd place    Kelby Karlsen  6  squirrels  8.56 pounds
                        3rd place   Ed  Vanfleet   6  squirrels  8.55 pounds
Lunker Squirrel     Chris  Brand  1.65 pounds

The club provided chili and squirrel stew for all those who showed up at the weigh in and it was good.

Watch this site as the club has plans of  scheduling one or two additional derbies before the season ends. We  also plan on adding lunker rabbit  to the derby. The club THANKS all those who participated in the derby. Special thanks to Bob Stuck, Scott Ridley and Tom Grasek for running it, as well as the three young ladies that helped with the weigh in.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Results of Big Buck Challenge 2012

The results for the 2012 Kuneytown Big Buck challenge are in.  Three bucks were entered this year, though K-town members did harvest other bucks that were not entered.  We will add pictures of bucks to this post as they come in.

In first place ($100) was Kenny Poormon, with  8 tines and a spread of 18.5 inches, for a total score of 26.5.

In second place ($50) was Jim Landis, with  7 tines and a spread of 15.75 inches, for a total score of 22.75.

In third place ($20), a youth hunter, Danielle Riegel harvested her first buck (archery), with 2 tines, and a spread of 10.5 inches, for a total of 12.5 inches.

Congratulations to all of our hunters!!