Saturday, April 13, 2013


As mentioned in previous posts Kuneytown Sportsmens club has decided to start a Top Gun shooting program similar to the one already being awarded to the Youth Top Gun each year. The leader board has been set up inside the range shed. Also inside the shed are the official targets along with the general rules and the specific rules for each shooting category.There are eight categories. They are:
.22 rimfire rifle, .22 rimfire pistol, center fire rifle, center fire pistol, rapid fire pistol, muzzle loader rifle, shotgun slug and 250 yard bench rest rifle.
The General rules are:
  No entry fee.  Only club members. Using the official club targets, supplied by the club.
Highest score wins, ties will require a shoot off.
There is no limit to the amount of times you shoot, they may be done anytime during the calendar year. A witness to the score is helpful but not required. (we believe that all members are honest) The timed shoots will require another person to be the time keeper.
Any sighting devices are allowed except those that project an image onto the target. (No laser sites).
The TOP GUN leader board is inside the range shed, if you shoot a higher score than what is posted put your target over it as the new leader.
Persons who are determined to be the TOP GUN in each category at the end of the year will have their name placed on that year's TOP GUN certificate and it will be displayed in the range shed for years to come.
  So lets get out there and shoot. Who knows you could be one of the First Kuneytown TOP GUNS.

Friday, April 5, 2013