What are the Rules for Use of the Shooting Range?

1.  Range rules are posted on the range shed. Please follow them.

2.  The shooting range is open for use by all Associate and Certificate Members.

3.  Shooting range hours are 7:00 AM until 30 minutes after sunset, year round.

4.  If the "Range is Closed - Hunters in the Woods" sign is up, range use is prohibited. (All members planing to hunt in the woods and fields to the west of the shooting range must retrieve the "Range is Closed  - Hunters in the Woods"sign and put it out to close the range. Please be considerate of other member's desires to use the shooting range during hunting seasons.)

5.  Targets are available in the range shed, but we do rely on donations to replenish targets and to maintain  backstops. Please leave extra targets when you can, and volunteer for range work days.

6.   Do not leave targets on backstops when you are done shooting. They blow off and cause an unsightly, trashy appearance. Remove them and throw them in the trashcan in the range shed.

7.   Please be safe and respectful of the privilege our club has to operate a shooting range.

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