Sunday, February 12, 2017

Results from the February 11, 2017 Squirrel and rabbit Hunt

Here are the results from the February 11th  squirrel / rabbit hunt. The day was overcast, the temperature was 30 to 39 degrees with almost no wind.
  There were 15 teams signed up (30 people) for squirrel with three of them being youths and twelve people for rabbit (NEW RECORD) with two of them being youths.
  Ten teams weighed in 49 squirrels, with five team members bagging their limit of six squirrels. 
  Six people weighed in 15 rabbits. (NEW RECORD)
Here are the results:

Heaviest bag:     1st place  Phil Jensen and Barry Turner    12 squirrels  16.95 pounds
                           2nd place  Shawn and Brad Amen            11 squirrels  12.68 pounds
                           3rd place  Lewis Martin and Scott Ridley   8 squirrels  10.81 pounds

Lunker squirrel:  Phil Jensen  1.83 pounds

Heaviest bag rabbit:  Shawn Amen   5 rabbits   15.36 pounds

Lunker rabbit:   Shawn Amen    3.40 pounds

The club provided baked ziti, squirrel stew and nacho chips for all those who showed up at the weigh in.
The final hunts of the season with take place Saturday February 25th.there will be two squirrel hunts. Both will be two person team events.
Team squirrel under the point scoring method.
Team squirrel by weight,with lunker squirrel.
The rabbit hunt will be an individual event by weight with lunker rabbit.
You will need to choose which one of the squirrel event your team is entering when you sign up.

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