Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Results from the February 28th 2016 squirrel/rabbit hunt

The third and final squirrel / rabbit hunt of the season took place February 28, 2016. The day was a sunny with temperatures way above normal for this time of year at 39 to 64 degrees.

  There were 22 people signed up for squirrel with two of them being youths and three for rabbit .
Twelve people weighed in 69 squirrels.  Ten people bagged their limit. One person weighed in two rabbits.
Here are the results:

Heaviest bag:     1st place  Kelby Karlsen      6 squirrels  9.23 pounds a NEW RECORD
                         2nd place  Shawn Amen      6 squirrels  8.69 pounds
                         3rd place  John Rose           6 squirrels  8.40 pounds

Youth Heaviest Bag:  Pher Lisk   6 squirrels  6.93 pounds

Lunker squirrel:   Kelby Karlsen  1.67 pounds

Youth Lunker squirrel:  Pher Lisk  1.35 pounds

Rabbit Heaviest bag:   Shawn Amen  2 rabbits  5.92 pounds

Lunker Rabbit:  Shawn Amen  3.20 pounds

The club provided chili  for all those who showed up at the weigh in. We will be sending the approx. 290 squirrel tail that were collected to Mepps Lures. Thank you to all who entered and the club members who helped run these events.