Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 28, 2015 Squirrel / Rabbit hunt

The third and final squirrel / rabbit hunt of the season took place February 28th. It was a very cold day with about eighteen inches of snow on the ground. The temperature ranged from 1 to 25 degrees.
  There were 19 people signed up for squirrel and five for rabbit.  Twelve people weighted in 63 squirrels with eight of them bagging their limit. Two people weighted in 4 rabbits. Here are the results:
Heaviest bag     1st place   Shane Loncosky        6 squirrels  8.81 pounds
                      2nd place  Brad Aman             6 squirrels  8.48 pounds
                      3rd place  Steve  Lahr            6 squirrels  8.35 pounds
Lunker Squirrel      Shane Loncosky   1.68 pounds

Heaviest Bag rabbit     Brad Aman   3 rabbits  8.08 pounds
Lunker Rabbit             Brad Aman  2.87 pounds

The club collected over 150 squirrel tails and will be sending them to Mepps lures. The club provided meat balls, ziti and salad for all those who showed up at the weigh in. That's it for this season. Thanks to all those who participated and to all the club members who organized and ran them.