Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 26, 2014 there will be a TOP GUN 250 yard Bench Rest shoot

Attention members. Are you a long range shooter? Well, at present time the 2014 Kuneytown Sportsmens club TOP GUN 250 yard bench rest title is open. So here is your chance to fill that title.
Be at the Kuneytown range starting at 10:00 am and ending by 2:00 pm Friday December 26th for the 250 yard Bench Rest Shoot,
 You will need to bring your own rifle and ammo. The club will supply the targets and will have sand bags but if you want to bring your own front rest or bipod you can.
The shoot will consist of three shots at 250 yards in a timed two minutes. The rear of the rifle must be supported by your shoulder. You may also bring a spotting scope so you can see where your shots are hitting or you can have a spotter do that for you. The three shots must be done within the two minutes. Reshoots will be allowed if time permits,
There is no cost to shoot.
You must be a club member or a youth shooter.  Anyone under the age of eighteen is considered a youth shooter.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The 2014 summertime youth shooting program

The fourth summer of the Wednesday evening youth shooting program ended late August. We had 11 participants who all had the opportunity to shoot trap, 22 rimfire rifle and a center fire rifle if they chose to.
We had only two shooters participate in the NRA Marksmanship qualification program.
Here are the results of those shoots:

Hunter Marksmanship:
Luke Allan and  Chris Scarrott both earned their Expert patches.

The shoots were always a good time and this year we added another fun shoot called battle ship. Here is a quick description of that shoot.

It's a one on one, with both shooters firing at the same time. The battleship ship consisted of a seven and 1/2 inch long piece of cardboard divided into five 1 1/2 inch squares. Shooters fire at a square and if your ship is sunk you lose. How do you know if your ship was sunk?  Next year come and you'll find out.  It was a big hit.

Thanks to all the adults who showed up and helped, some of you even got to participate in battleship.

NOVEMBER 2nd is the Turkey shoot.  There will be a youth .22 rifle shoot.  There is no charge to participate and the top three will win prizes. So why not come to the club with your children and you can all have a good time?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Time Youth marksmanship/shooting Program has begun

The youth marksmanship/shooting program has begun. As in the past, it is held every Wednesday evening at the club range starting at 6 Pm until we are done. It is open to all youths under the age of 18 and it is requested that they be accompanied by an adult.
We will be once again be offering NRA qualification shoots in the Light Rifle and Hunter Sportsman categories. Also due to the New York SAFE act the club will no longer be able to supply ammunition or rifles. You will need to bring your own rifle and/or shotgun plus whatever ammunition you may need. There will still be Top Gun and the fun shoots. See you there.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fish dinners begin THIS FRIDAY

Get to Kuneytown to get hold of some BULLHEADS!!

Starting this Friday, thru May 9th. Don't miss it!

Monday, February 24, 2014

February 23,2014 Squirrel/rabbit hunt

The third and final squirrel / rabbit hunt of the season took place February 23rd. There were 26 people signed up. Twenty one people weighted in 85 squirrels with 12 of them bagging their limit. Three people weighted in 7 rabbits. Here are the results:
  Heaviest bag     1st place   Brad Aman          6 squirrels  8.56 pounds
                         2nd place  Jason Cecce        6 squirrels  8.43 pounds
                         3rd place  Nate Boyd            6 squirrels  8.41 pounds
Lunker Squirrel   Jason Cecce   1.64 pounds
Lunker rabbit      Eric Riegel  3.43 pounds

The club collected over 200 squirrel tails and will be sending them to Mepps lures. The club provided chili, squirrel stew, salad, and a cheese/ veggie platter for all those who showed up at the weigh in. That's it for this season. Thanks to all those who participated and to all the club members who organized and ran each them.

February 9th 2014 Squirrel/Rabbit hunt

The second squirrel / rabbit hunt of the season took place February 9th. There were 32 people signed up. Seventeen of them weighted in 76 squirrels with nine of them bagging their limit. Four people weighted in 11 rabbits. Here are the results:
  Heaviest bag     1st place   Matt Woodhull    6 squirrels  8.63 pounds
                         2nd place  Nate Boyd          6 squirrels  8.24 pounds
                         3rd place  Nick Westfall      6 squirrels  8.16 pounds
Lunker Squirrel   Bill Jolly   1.54 pounds
Lunker rabbit      Shawn Amen  3.10 pounds

The club also collected the squirrel tails and will be sending them to Mepps lures at the end of the season. The club provided chili to all those who showed up at the weigh in and a good time was had by all. Thanks to all those who ran the event.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


The first years winners of the Kuneytown TOP GUN competition are:
.22 rimfire rifle and pistol  Tom Grasek
Center Fire pistol             Erick  Riegel
Rapid Fire pistol               Bob  Stuck
Unfortunately there were four categories that no one entered.  So for those who don't know how to enter here is a general run down on what to do.

The TOP GUN leader board has been set up inside the range shed. Also inside the shed are the official targets along with the general rules and the specific rules for each shooting category.
There are eight categories. :
.22 rimfire rifle, .22 rimfire pistol, center fire rifle, center fire pistol, rapid fire pistol, muzzle loader rifle, shotgun slug and 250 yard bench rest rifle.
The General rules are:
No entry fee.  Only club members. Using the official club targets, supplied by the club.
Highest score wins, ties will require a shoot off.
There is no limit to the amount of times you shoot, they may be done anytime during the calendar year. A witness to the score is helpful but not required. (we believe that all members are honest) The timed shoots will require another person to be the time keeper.
Any sighting devices are allowed except those that project an image onto the target. (No laser sites).
The TOP GUN leader board is inside the range shed, if you shoot a higher score than what is posted put your target over it as the new leader.
Persons who are determined to be the TOP GUN in each category at the end of the year will have their name placed on that year's TOP GUN certificate and it will be displayed in the range shed for years to come. 
  So lets get out there and shoot. Who knows you could be one of the 2014 Kuneytown TOP GUNS.

In order to encourage participation in the TOP GUN program there will be some scheduled TOP GUN shoots when it gets warmer dates and categories will be announced.

The 2013 Kuneytown YOUTH TOP GUN is LUKE ALLEN

      In order to qualify, for the youth TOP GUN, the shooter needs to be no older than 17 years of age at the time they shoot.  There are Kuneytown Sportsmens Club Official .22 caliber rim fire rifle Youth Shoot Targets in the range shed.
Shooting is six shots off hand at 50 feet and six shots any position ( sitting, kneeling, prone, or bench rest) at 50 yards.  Once the target is shot  it gets posted on the Youth Shoot Top Gun leader board located in the range shed. If someone scores higher than the target posted, the higher score gets placed over that target and becomes the new leader. At the end of the year whoever has the highest score is named the Youth Top Gun. That person is given a laminated certificate with their actual target on the back while another laminated certificate is on display inside the range shed for years to come.
These shoots can be done at any time during the year but do require a club member to be present. So take a youth shooting at the club range. They could be the 2014 YOUTH TOP GUN.

Monday, January 20, 2014

January 19, 2014 Squirrel/Rabbit hunt

The First squirrel / rabbit hunt of the season took place January 19th. There were 38 people signed up of which five were youths. Twenty one people weighted in 91 squirrels with eleven of them bagging their limit. One person  weighted in 3 rabbits. Here are the results:
  Heaviest bag     1st place   Jason  Plate         6 squirrels  8.66 pounds
                         2nd place  Ron Darling        6 squirrels  8.55 pounds
                         3rd place  Barry Turner       6 squirrels  8.20 pounds
Lunker Squirrel   Ken Lisk   1.55 pounds
Lunker rabbit      Eric Goesbeck  3.09 pounds

The club also awarded a Bass Pro gift card to the youth with the heaviest bag Damond Flectcher  5 squirrels 6.49 pounds.

The club also collected the squirrel tails and will be sending them to Mepps lures at the end of the season. The club provided chili and squirrel stew to warm up all those who showed up at the weigh in and a good time was had by all. Thanks to all those who ran the event and see you at the next one scheduled for February 9th.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Big Buck Challenge Results

The results are in for the Kuneytown 2013 Big Buck Challenge.  This year, the scoring was done differently and there were more categories. There will be a celebration dinner (time and date to be determined - watch for announcements) where prizes will be handed out.

In the "Gun" category:

Place      Name                                          Points        B&C Gross score
1st           DAVID BRADLEY SPOGEN     9 pts           114.25
2nd          Eric Riegel                                   9 pts           111
3rd           Michael Hagadorn                       8 pts           93.5
4th           Keith Tidball                                8 pts           79
5th           Danielle Riegel                             7 pts           76
6th           Ron Stuck                                    6 pts          75.25

In the "Archery" category:

1st            Ken Lisk                                     8 pts           95

In the "Youth" category

1st            Danielle Riegel                            7 pts             76

DAVID BRADLEY SPOGEN - 1st Place gun and Big Buck Challenge Winner

Eric Riegel - 2nd Place

Michael Hagadorn - 3rd Place

Keith Tidball - 4th Place
Danielle Riegel 5th Place overall/ 1st Place Youth

Ron Stuck - 6th Place
Ken Lisk - 1st Place Archery

Mason Thompson's first archery deer.  Too bad he wasn't entered in the Challenge!