Saturday, January 7, 2017

Revised Grey squirrel hunt rules for the January 22nd hunt

 Revised Gray Squirrel Hunt Rules and general information using a point scoring system.

          Teams will register/pay a $20.00 per two person team entry fee prior to the actual hunt day. The club will cover the entry fee of $10.00 for any youth team member who is under the age of eighteen.
REGISTRATION: Can be done any time prior to each hunt but no later than the night before the hunt. Registration can be done in person on Friday nights at the club or by calling
Tom  607-869-3540, Scott  315-729-0049, Dale 315-651-1604

Teams with the 1st , 2nd and 3rd highest TOTAL POINT SCORES will win prizes.
Total point score is based on two people per team.
Each team member needs to be present in order for their squirrels to be scored. 
Each team member will be allowed to enter a maximum of six (6) gray squirrels for a maximum point score of 12 points.
The point score of each team member will be added together for the  TOTAL POINT SCORE for that team. Maximum 24 points.
If only one team member shows up at the scoring table then his or her point score will be the TOTAL POINT SCORE for that team. Maximum points 12.

Point system scoring.
2 points for a head shot with the neck counting as a head shot.
1 point for any other hit on the body.
½ point for more than one bullet hole.
NOTE:  Each shotgun pellet hole counts as a bullet hole.  So if more than one pellet hits the squirrel it counts as more than one bullet hole.  ½ point.
Ties will be broken by the amount of  head shots. Team with the most head shots wins the tie breaker.

Any rim fire caliber can be used.
Pellet/air guns are allowed.
Shotguns can be used but see NOTE above.
No center fire calibers.

No red squirrels.  No frozen squirrels.  No road kills. Only squirrels taken on the day of the hunt can be entered.

Anyone with a NYS small game hunting license can participate; all NYS small game hunting regulations must be observed.
Each team member will be required to show their small game hunting license prior to their squirrels being scored.

Hunting ends at 3:00 P.M. you must be at the club by then. Club will be open from 12 noon and food will be provided and liquid refreshments are available from the bar. Winners will be determined, and prizes awarded. 

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