Saturday, June 25, 2016

2015 Top Gun Results

Here are the 2015 TOP GUN RESULTS.  As you will see there are ten different Top Gun categories of which five NO ONE ENTERED. In an effort to get at least one or two entries in each category the club will be scheduling a shoot for each category. 

The 250 yard bench Rest Shoot took place June 20, 2016.  There were two participants. The results of that shoot are posted in the range building. Please watch this site as the club top gun shoots in each category will be posted/announced here and at the club. Who knows, you may be one of the 2016 TOP GUNS.
Kuneytown Sportsmens Club

.22 caliber rim fire light rifle


Six shots at 50 yards Bench Rest

Score:  51

 2015  TOP GUNS

Center Fire Rifle              Eric Riegel  
Shotgun Slug                   Toby Ridley
Rapid Fire Pistol CF        Tom Grasek        
Rapid Fire Pistol .22RF   Scott Ridley

Rim fire Rifle                  No one entered

 Muzzle loader                  No one entered
250 yd Bench Rest Rifle  No one entered
.22 Rim fire Pistol            No one entered
Center Fire Pistol             No one entered

Kuneytown Top Gun Record Holders as of Dec. 31, 2015

.22 Rim fire Rifle             Tom Grasek           128 points out of 150                    2013

Center Fire Rifle              Eric Regiel             10 points out of  50                       2015

Shotgun slug                    Tom Grasek          10 points out of 30                         2014
                                         Toby Ridley                                                                 2015

Muzzle loader                   Eric Reigel            18 points out of 30                       2014

.22 Rim fire Pistol           Tom Grasek           61 points out of 100                      2014

Center Fire Pistol            Tom Grasek            33 points out of 50                        2014

Rapid Fire CF Pistol        Bob Stuck                40 points out of 50                      2014

Rapid Fire RF Pistol        Bob Reynolds       46 points out of 50                         2014

250 Yard  Bench Rest      Eric Reigel             20 points out of 30                        2014

Youth .22 Rim fire Rifle  Luke Allen             109 points out of 120                     2012

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